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Descent into the Heart Cave

A Winter Solstice Workshop

with Céline Butté and Louise Fitzpatrick 

Saturday 19th December, 11am - 5pm


When December comes, we can easily get distracted from attending to a natural, internal state of slowing down, turning inwards and letting go. During this one-day retreat on the eve of winter solstice, we will come together in a small group through movement and art-making to make room for the darkness of this season. We will honour the sacred within us and amongst us and attend to the images, symbols and rituals that this time of year evokes for us.


A Covid-19 mindful event with limited participants. With Louise Fitzpatrick, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and Céline Butté, Dance Movement Psychotherapist.


*If Covid-19 lockdown-related government guidelines prevent this workshop from happening in person, it will go ahead and be delivered online via Zoom instead.


For bookings and enquiries please email celine@heartofmovement.com 

Winter solstice is the darkest time of the year. In December, shining festivals such as Hanukah and Christmas cut through the darkness, providing the much-needed solace of brightness and light. The festivities surrounding these celebrations have expanded in modern times, however, pulling us away from our deeper need to slow down, do less, stop. Other creatures hibernate at this time. Similarly, we as humans have biorhythms that, connected to the ratio of light and dark, guide a natural process of rest and retreat during the deepest midwinter period. Eastern traditions describe this as a time of yin, replete not only with the qualities of slow, dark and cool, but with softness, receptivity and feeling. Ultimately, we are called to attend to what lies within.


The Celtic Ogham Tree Calendar places the Rowan tree in December. With its bright, red, five-pointed star-marked berries, the Rowan tree traditionally symbolizes protection. It is also associated with the concept of ‘life energy’. At this time of the year when the earth is cold and hard on the surface, invisible lifeforce is beginning to stir underneath, to later emerge in the brighter months with the return of the sun. Similarly, at this time, we have a rich, hidden, world of feelings existing within ourselves. If we honour the journey of descent into the heart cave, our findings can later inform and guide our outer journey and actions within the world.

Through a combination of movement and environmental art-making we will enter a process of attuning to and discovering what lies within ourselves at this time; thus tending a process of integration.


CPD certificates are available upon request.

Further information

During this one-day workshop we will take time to go into the woods and see what the environment has to offer us. We will allow space to gather and receive physical materials for art-making, as well as symbols that present as relevant to us at this time. Working with the environmental arts, there will be the chance to make art that is potentially long-lived as well as that which is more ephemeral.

Practical information

We will spend time indoors within Queens Wood Cabin, which is a heated, sustainably-built wooden eco-cabin. We will also spend some periods of time outdoors, so please bring warm, comfortable and waterproof clothing for these occasions.

Tea and coffee will be provided, but at this time we ask you to bring your own flask or cup.

Lunch is not provided: you can bring your own packed lunch, or buy lunch from Queens Wood Café, which is a one-minute walk from the Cabin.


If you wish to cancel your booking and we are able to offer the place to a waiting list applicant you will be offered a full refund. You are also free to find your own replacement.


We will not be able to offer a refund if we are not able to find a suitable replacement and/or your cancellation request occurs within 3 weeks of the start date of the workshop.

Covid-19 related clauses

A limited number of 5 participants means that at the time of advertising this workshop – we will be able to deliver this workshop in line with current government distancing-related guidelines. The cabin is further ventilated and supplied with air purifiers.


If Covid-19 lockdown-related government guidelines prevent this workshop from happening in person, it will go ahead and be delivered online via Zoom instead.


In the case of this workshop having to be delivered online, it is the participants responsibility to ensure they have access to a stable internet connection and can make use of Zoom. No refunds will be offered in the event of a participants’ internet connection causing them to lose access to the workshop.

About the Facilitators

Céline Butté (UKCP and ADMP-UK registered) is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and dancer who understands the moving-dancing-living body as a source of inspiration, play and healing. She believes that combining traditional studio work with time in nature opens us up to a sensory immersion that enriches our experience.


Louise Fitzpatrick (UKCP, HCPC and BAAT registered) is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and Environmental Arts Therapist, having trained with Ian Siddons-Heginworth in 2014. She finds that working with and within nature offers profound potential for exploration of the psyche and our feeling world, and lends itself to transformative processes.

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Claire de Boursac (MBACP registered) is a Humanistic Psychotherapist, Nature-Based-Therapist, Nature-wellbeing Practitioner and Forest Bathing Guide.

In 2015 I founded Nature as Nurture, offering groups and workshops to help Londoners connect with nature and ultimately with themselves.  See www.natureasnurture.com for more.

Forest Bathing – Relax your mind, awaken your senses, nourish your soul

This relaxing and restorative practice combines mindful walking, meditation and ‘invitations’- carefully crafted exercises to help you connect more deeply with yourself and the natural world around you.  Forest Bathing has been shown to have significant health benefits (reducing stress; lowering cortisol, blood pressure & heart rate; boosting immunity) and also often sparks inspiration, insight and healing. 


Sessions last 2 hours and cost £25


Wednesday 2nd September 9.30-11.30

Saturday 12th September 17.00-19.30 (Forest Bathing Day special session)

Sunday 11th October 16.00-18.00

Wednesday 21st October 9.30-11.30

Sunday 1st November 15.00-17.00

Wednesday 18th November 9.30-11.30


Bespoke sessions available – please email.

The Seasonal Self – thrive year-round by aligning with the seasons

These stand-alone workshops explore the themes of the current season. They offer a chance to pause an consider how we are at this point in the year.  Through meditations, rituals and conversations we explore our personal pleasures and challenges of the season. We draw on the teachings and wisdom of nature as we consider how best to respond to and care for ourselves so that we can thrive. 


The Seasonal Self: Autumn workshop

Wednesday 7th October 9.30-12.00.  £35


Connecting More Deeply – an ongoing personal development group exploring how to connect more deeply with yourself, others and nature.

This group offers a place for self-discovery, learning and growth.  You’re invited to come together in community to explore themes of connection and disconnection and ways to have more satisfying contact.  Drawing on nature-connection practices, therapeutic techniques, meditation and wellbeing practices you’ll be supported to learn from your own deep wisdom, each other and nature. 


The group meets 6 Wednesday mornings each term 9.30-12.00.  Cost £300 per term


This is an ongoing group and you’re invited to join for at least 2 terms although many stay longer. 


The next opportunity to join this group will be January 2021.  If you’re interested, please contact me via email.