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The Woodland Retreat London

The Woodland Retreat London is a therapeutic group practice set in Queens Wood Cabin. The space is an eco-cabin that was built over a 2-year period from sustainable materials, and is nestled into a community garden within the ancient protected woodland of Queens Wood, Highgate.  We are open from Monday to Friday with occasional weekend events.  

Our Ethos and Founders

We are a community of creative, wild-inspired, and healing-oriented professionals, including qualified (HCPC and UKCP registered) counsellors, psychotherapists, art therapists and dramatherapists.  We aim to provide affordable therapeutic experiences and services through a diverse range of workshops, as well as individual, couples and family therapy. We work with a respect for and commitment to the natural environment, and seek to integrate and enhance our therapeutic practice with the use of nature and our unique setting in the woods.

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Founder: Auriel Sarah Eagleton

Auriel is a Masters trained, HCPC registered Integrative Arts      Psychotherapist, working with both adults and children.

Auriel provides art therapy, psychotherapy and counselling  services to individuals, couples, groups and parents or carers with their children.

Auriel has also undergone training with Ian Siddons and is an Environmental Arts Therapist, working outdoors and bringing natural materials into the art therapy studio.

Auriel's special interests, aside from working to enhance the wellbeing and expand the creative expression of all her clients using the arts and nature, include using art therapy to support children and individuals on the autism spectrum (ASD).

In the therapist's own words:


'We all grow, at different paces and through different experiences. Sometimes we get stuck and need company along the journey. Therapy is company through moments of feelings stuck or when life's journey presents us with challenges we feel unequipped to face alone.


I offer a non-judgemental space in which clients can express themselves. I believe that good therapy requires challenge, as well as empathic exploration. My aim is to help clients to discover and accept themselves, developing life skills and moving toward greater flexibility and wellbeing.'

Mobile: 07859161555



Founder: Louise Fitzpatrick

Louise is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and Supervisor, UKCP and HCPC registered, and is a full member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). ​


Louise also works as an Environmental Arts Therapist (training with Ian Siddons Heginworth in 2015).

In the therapist's own words:​

As an Arts Therapist, I believe that creativity is central to the process of self-discovery, healing, change and transformation. I also believe in the inherent wisdom of nature to heal and restore, and an interest in how the cycles and themes within the natural world relate to the human psyche.

Mobile: 07718 897 164


Please see the 'Therapists/Practitioners' tab to find out more about other therapists and practitioners working at the cabin and the services they offer.

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